Our Apps

Parrot - Voice Recorder - Website

Parrot is a FREE voice recording app designed to allow users to quickly record, play and share tracks in 3 taps.
Parrot Pro is a paid upgrade which allows users to
  • Record Calls: Record calls automatically or by prompt before or after the call takes place.
  • Scheduled Recordings: Schedule recordings to take place at a specific time and date for any duration.
  • Cloud Synchronization: Backup your tracks to Google Drive, Dropbox or other popular cloud services.
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Namespacer - Website

A simple Unity time saver which allows to developer to quickly create scripts in Unity with namespaces already in. It's nothing crazy, but it speeds things up!
Quite simply, we got tired of adding namespaces to our Monobehaviours in Unity. As a Unity project gets larger, namespaces can be beneficial to those looking to keep code organized and use C# to its fullest.
Additionally, an asset this simple should have a simple footprint as well. There is no mess of folders, scripts or all sorts of files when you import Namespacer; There is only one simple .dll and a generated .asset file to store settings. The last thing we want to do is keep your Unity project from looking as clean as you want it to be!
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Round Timer

Set up custom rounds, round time and time in between rounds to train in Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and fitness interval training.
Round Timer 10 provides the ability for users to quickly set up a training session and go. Sound effects allow users to recognize the difference between live rounds and breaks(rests) easily.
Why spend $20, $30 or even $50 for an electronic round timer at a big box store when you can have an even better one on your mobile device?
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We are partnered with ZestyKits to help bring the finest in Regina meal kits to Regina, Pilot Butte, Emerald Park and White City. They provide fresh food, recipes and do all of the planning, shopping and meal prep for you. Check them out today!


Searing Media Inc. is a mobile development company located in Regina, SK, Canada. We are focused on developing a limited number of high quality mobile applications for Android and BlackBerry.
Additionally, our subsidiary Searing Games is focused on developing tools for Unity game developers to streamline development and improve productivity.